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3DScanArt LLC was formed June 12, 2012 with the vision to provide scanning service of objects, people and art in Santa Cruz, CA. We are the "front-end" to the products and services the MakersFactory provides, such as 3D printing and animation. Located inside the Cruzio building at the offices of the MakersFactory, clients can come by and bring their art objects or themselves to get scanned for free.

Within only a few minutes we can make a 3D computer model from you or your art. The files can then be used for 3D printing service with the MakersFactory's powder printers or extrusion printers linto make sculptures, busts or commercial models.

We put your scan up on this web site to view at anytime, securely and in 3D.  The model we show you is reduced in resolution so your browser can handle it. You can download the high-res file for a nominal fee starting at only $21.00. We also provides services for large object scans, a whole person, a car, motorcycle, etc.

Right now our scans are monochromatic without any texture. Full color scans will be available in the future as well as higher resolution scans for smaller objects.

Right now, our business model is simple. Because we were able to reduce the scan time and automate the scanning and file processing process, we can offer this at a very competitive price. 

Our clients are the MakersFactory for 3D power printing, extrusion printing and laser cutting service, doctors, orthopedics and chiropractors using the models as a documentation tool, fashion industry for custom tailoring of clothing and health care providers measuring body composition and BMI as well as dietary success monitoring.

Walk-in Hours

Come by and visit us every Friday from 4-6pm and First Friday per month until 8pm.


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